Brandon hails from the great state of Michigan, where he began his musical journey at the age of 13. He ended up with a bass guitar in his hands out of default after he and his friends decided to start a band and he was the last one to pick an instrument, thus, Brandon “Bass” Roberts was born.

Throughout his schooling, Brandon participated in his high school choir.  In order to avoid the choral choreography, he volunteered to play bass guitar in the band ensemble that accompanied the group. From then on, you could find Brandon playing clubs, festivals or any place with a stage and a working sound system, honing his skills and developing his art. Some of his musical influences are Led Zeppelin, Queen, Ozzy Osbourne and Pantera. All of those artists and a little bit of pop-punk flavor sprinkled in really helped create and define Brandon’s sound.

Brandon made the big move to Nashville, Tennessee right after graduating high school, where he immediately picked up work playing on Lower Broadway, touring with different bands throughout the United States, and even made several trips “across the pond,” where he played with the rock band, HER, on their European tour.  

In the studio Brandon has recorded and worked with several artists, one in particular being Rex Brown from the heavy metal band, Pantera. Working with one of his musical icons was such a humbling experience and one that he will never forget.

Brandon currently lives in Nashville with his wife, two kids, four dogs, one cat and too many bass guitars to count. When he’s not on the road with 7 Bridges he enjoys spending time with his family, playing video games and cheering on the Detroit Red Wings during hockey season.

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