Originally from metro Detroit, Joe hails from a family of singers, musicians, and all-round performers.  His grandfather owned a traveling circus in the early 1900s and raised his children as entertainers in the family business.  Joe’s mother, Anita, went on to travel the world, appear on Johnny Carson and even performed the Super Bowl half-time show as the main attraction.  Joe’s earliest memories are of going to her performances before retiring from singing.  That early and constant exposure added with his lineage set the stage for Joe to become a musician.  By 15, Joe played saxophone, bass, guitar and sang in bands professionally.  His band, Jazodity, was in heavy rotation on local radio, held well known residencies, and even earned a couple of Detroit music award nominations.  By the time he left Detroit Joe had performed with local rock legends,“Sponge”, and opened shows for artists like Ray Charles and Blue-Note recording artist Charlie Hunter.   

In early 2001, Joe moved to Los Angeles, CA which led to 15 years of being in the L.A. music scene.  While pursuing his own artist's dreams he worked constantly as a sideman playing bass, saxophone, guitar and sometimes even keys and drums.  Joe earned the respect of many musicians and often worked with members of high caliber groups like Chris Cornell Band, Lady Gaga, Paul Stanley, The Go-Gos and many many more.   

Nashville came calling in 2016 and Joe was quickly recognized as a strong singer and versatile player.  Almost immediately he was hired for two different music gigs.  First, as a singing bassist with Kenny Olson of Kid Rock fame and second as a guitar player for the “Patriotic Voice” of the Professional Bull Riders Association (PBR).  Joe’s played all over the country including high profile events like the PBR world championships held at T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas where he performed in front of 27,000 people the night of the main event.

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